5 Things you should know about Smoke Detectors

  1. Smoke Detectors have an expiration date.
    After about 10 years the sensors can become less sensitive to smoke particles. Your old smoke detectors are giving you a false sense of security.
  2. Smoke detectors are required in all bedrooms and in the hallway outside of the bedroom.
    Most of us sleep with our bedroom door closed. The last thing we need is for a fire to get so big that the smoke has made it into our room before setting off the alarm. By the time this happens, you have lost critical time to get out and your chances of survival are greatly reduced.
  3. Smoke detectors should all go off at the same time.
    • If a fire starts downstairs and you are sleeping upstairs, you need as much warning as possible. When you are asleep with the door closed, you may not hear a single smoke alarm on the other side of the house.
    • Do NOT use the cheap battery-powered smoke detectors from the hardware store. They put your home and family at risk and give you a false sense of security
  4. Most homes require smoke detectors to be integrated with carbon monoxide detection.
    We have all heard stories about a propane heater or a natural gas furnace leaking exhaust into a home and killing a family while they sleep. Don’t chance it, make sure all your smoke detectors have carbon monoxide detection built into them.
  5. Lithium-ion batteries are dangerous in smoke detectors.
    They maintain a high voltage until the end of their usable life, so they provide a much shorter “low battery” warning to alert you that it’s time to swap in a fresh one.
  6. Bonus # 6
    Smoke detectors should be tied to the home’s power. This way they only use the battery when the power goes out.

Keep your family safe; make sure you have smoke and carbon monoxide detectors in the right locations, that they aren’t expired and that they do NOT have lithium-ion batteries in them.

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