Tips to Avoid a Scary Overheating Furnace This Halloween


What Homeowners Need to Know About Overheating Furnaces

Watching terrifying scenes in horror movies this Halloween might be expected for many homeowners, but having a scary scene unfold in their house due to an overheating furnace is not expected. An overheating furnace can have many terrifying consequences for a household, including fires and even carbon monoxide leaks. To avoid this frightening ordeal, HVAC contractors offer tips on spotting signs of an overheating furnace in need of repair and tips to help prevent it from occurring. 

Threats of a Furnace Overheating

A house – and the family inside of it – can face serious threats if a furnace overheats. A malfunctioning and overheated unit can cause many risks, including furnace fires and carbon monoxide poisoning. 

Some other threats they may pose are:

  • Broken components in the furnace that need to be repaired or replaced
  • Higher utility bills than usual
  • Extra wear and tear on the furnace, resulting in a shorter lifespan

To protect their home and family, homeowners should schedule furnace repair at the first signs of an issue. 

Symptoms of an Overheating Furnace Homeowners Should Watch For 

bad smellTo schedule repairs quickly and prevent dangerous threats to their household, homeowners need to recognize the signs of an overheating furnace. 

Some symptoms property owners should watch for that indicate a furnace is overheating are:

  • Burning odors
  • Odd sounds, including humming, popping, or banging
  • Rapid cycling or short cycling, where the furnace turns on and off frequently
  • Air that is hotter than usual coming through the vents
  • Melted wires or burn marks on the furnace or its components
  • The furnace shuts off unexpectedly

Homeowners should immediately schedule professional repairs with an HVAC technician if they notice these signs.

Ways to Help Prevent a Furnace From Overheating

air filter Fortunately, furnace technicians have tips for homeowners to help prevent their furnaces from overheating. One of the most crucial steps they recommend is to schedule routine furnace maintenance and have it inspected by a professional. During these annual services, technicians will perform a tune-up, look for defects, and repair any issues that are identified.

Other ways to prevent overheating and its dangers are cleaning the furnace to remove dust and debris, replacing the air filters, and ensuring the vents are open. Homeowners should replace the furnace filters around every 1 to 3 months. Air filter replacement and making sure that too many vents aren’t closed are essential to keep the furnace working correctly by allowing for proper airflow. 

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