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4 Signs You Need Air Handler Repair

Many people don’t realize it, but their HVAC system is made up of several components. When one piece fails, it can compromise the whole thing and make your indoor life miserable.

The air handler is the component that typically sits outside and moves cold or warm air throughout the house. So, what are the signs that your air handler is failing?

Weak Airflow
The air handler draws air from the return vent and sends it through the HVAC system. If the airflow from the registers is weak or varies throughout the day, it could mean the motor is dying.

Odd Noises
It’s normal for the air handler to make ambient noise, but if you hear odd sounds like rattling, buzzing, or whistling, it means something’s not right. It could be a loose piece or another mechanical problem.

Higher Energy Bills
Have you noticed that your energy bills have risen, but you’ve not changed your usage habits? When this happens, it could be that your HVAC system is working harder than usual and consuming more power.

Frequent Cycling
Your HVAC system undergoes regular on/off daily cycles to maintain the temperature. But if it runs continuously or cycles on and off rapidly, there’s a problem. Frequent cycling creates more wear and tear on the system and can cause a premature breakdown.

Our expert filter replacement keeps your air clean and your system efficient. Call Hunter Service Group now to learn more about it.