Electric Vehicle Chargers

We Are Well-Versed in Electrical Vehicle Chargers in San Antonio, TX, and Nearby Areas

In light of increasing environmental awareness and rising fuel prices, many South Texas homeowners are investing in electric cars. Before you join them by buying your electric vehicle, you’ll want to be sure it can be charged up and ready to hit the road at any moment. This means installing an EV charging station in your driveway or garage for convenience. Hunter Service Group can help you prepare your San Antonio home for the arrival of your new electric car. We’re a locally owned company that provides accurate and fair price estimates for electrical vehicle chargers in San Antonio, TX, and nearby areas. We install EV charging stations that suit any brand or model of vehicle.

Types of EV Chargers

There are three types of EV charging devices:

Level 1 Charger

Level 1 charging involves plugging your electric car into an ordinary electrical outlet. With this charging station, you don’t have to buy or install additional equipment. Nevertheless, the rate at which level 1 charging stations charge a car is less than optimum. You can expect about four to five miles per charging hour or around 22 hours for a full charge.

Level 2 Charger

Level 2 chargers are the most common EV charging stations these days. They vary in their output from 3.3 kW to 16.8 kW. Compared to level 1 chargers, level 2 charges charge a car many times and are affordable. With a level 2 EV charger, you can expect about 70 miles of range for each hour of charge.

DC Fast Charging

The fastest EV charging station available, DC chargers can provide about 40 miles of range per 10 minutes of charging. However, they are costly and need more power than the typical home can provide, meaning these stations are commonly used by commercial EV charging stations.

What to Consider When Choosing the Right EV Charger

At Hunter Service Group, we only install the best residential EV charging stations that we’d like to have in our homes. However, it’s still good to have the knowledge yourself so you can make a sound decision and pick the right product for your needs.

Here are the key factors of electricians may advise for you to consider:

  • Installation costs
  • Charger features
  • Electrical considerations
  • Curb appeal
  • Energy savings
  • Charger location

EV Charging Stations FAQs

Which Is the Best EV Charger for My Home?

Let an electrical contractor from our team help you explore the available options, explain what you’ll need to get started, and select the best charger for your needs.

How Do I Pay for EV Charging?

With a residential EV charging station, the electricity used by your electric car will be added to your monthly electricity bill.

How Long Can an EV Sit Without Charging?

It’s not recommended to leave your electric car without charge for over three weeks, as this can reduce the performance of the battery over time.

What Will Happen When an EV Runs Out of Charge on the Road?

If your car runs out of charge while on the road, you’ll end up stopping wherever you are, similar to what happens when your gas-powered vehicle runs out of gas.

Can I Install My EV Charging Station by Myself?

No, unless you’re a professional electrician with experience installing EV charging stations, don’t do it yourself.

Let Us Meet Your EV Charge Needs Today

At Hunter Service Group, we have been installing EV chargers since 2015 and will ensure your charging station is installed to the highest standards. With our fully licensed, insured, and certified electricians, you can count on us for efficient installation and superior workmanship.

We always offer the best EV charging installation and electrical repair services in these areas we serve:

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