Electrical Troubleshooting in Boerne & San Antonio, TX

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Electrical Troubleshooting You Can Do Before Calling a Pro

Home electrical systems are complex, serving many appliances and gadgets. It’s only a matter of time before something goes wrong.

Some problems result from bad habits, like overloading an outlet, while others happen because of faulty design or an outdated system.

You can troubleshoot a few common household electrical issues before calling a certified electrician.

Circuit Overloads
If your phone won’t charge or your light doesn’t work, check to see if the breaker has tripped. Today’s average homeowner has numerous appliances and devices using the same circuit, and it’s easy to overload, causing the breakers to trip or fuses to blow.

Most overloaded circuits are caused by trying to draw too much power from a single outlet, and you can solve this by relocating devices to a different circuit to spread out the power draw.

Frequent Bulb Burnouts
Do you have bulbs that burn out more quickly than they should? It could be an issue with the circuit, but try swapping the bulb out for a lower-wattage LED to see if it solves the problem.

Electrical Wiring Failure
Similar to an overloaded circuit, a tripped breaker or blown fuse could be the answer to your problem instead of a failed wire. Check the breaker or fusebox before calling for help. Moreover, if you have a GFCI outlet, make sure it hasn’t tripped.

Do you have an electric vehicle? Call and ask about an electric vehicle charging station installation.