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Power outages are happening more often and lasting for prolonged durations with devastating effects, such as flooded basements due to sump pump failures and burst pipes. Most people need power for medical equipment, or it will stop functioning, endangering lives. Prepare for unforeseen power outages by getting professional generator installation in San Antonio, TX, or nearby areas from Hunter Service Group. With our highly qualified and never subcontracted technicians on the job, you’ll rest easy knowing that your generator will work effectively when the power goes out!

We offer an array of generator services in these areas:

The Role of Standby Generators

Today, more people have become more reliant on technology in all facets, whether at home, health care facilities, or any business that depends on power to operate. When the power goes out, for any reason, or in any season, a standby generator from Hunter Service Group detects the power outage and starts automatically, keeping your home powered. We install automatic transfer switches to sense an outage and supply your home with power until electricity is restored. Once the power is restored, your generator will shut down automatically and stand by waiting for the next power loss.

Long-Term Benefits of Standby Generators

Standby generators from our electric company offer many great benefits, including:

  • Prevents frozen water pipes from bursting
  • Maintains power to your refrigerator, avoiding the cost of replacing spoilt food
  • Eliminates expensive cleanups and repairs due to failing sump pumps
  • Keeps plumbing systems functioning for homes with private wells
  • Keeps your home’s security systems powered
  • Increased comfort
  • Peace of mind

Why Professional Installation Is Advisable

When it comes to generator replacement, you should not attempt a DIY project. since a generator involves a bit of wiring and electrical connections, so many things can go wrong if you don’t have the proper training, tools, and experience to handle the installation. An incorrectly installed generator can cause a fire, putting you, your family, your property, electrical grid workers, and emergency staff at risk.

An electrician from our team can handle your generator installation project properly. We provide affordable and reliable service and work tirelessly to ensure you find the right generator for your home. We partner with the most trusted brands currently on the market and are an authorized Generac dealer.

Why We Recommend Generac Generators

Here are some of the reasons we recommend Generac generator installation to our clients year after year:

  • Runs on LP or natural gas-no re-fueling
  • Guaranteed safety and reliability
  • Operates in any weather
  • Generac generators come with a two-year warranty on parts and a one-year warranty on labor
  • 24/7 power backup

Interested in purchasing a Generac generator for your home or business?  There are several factors that come into play when trying to decide which generator is right for you. Most of your decisions will revolve around your desired comfort level while the generator is powering your home or business.

Some of our clients prefer to live life uninterrupted and need the generator to run all of their systems as if they are still on utility power.  Some clients prefer to run the bare minimum; just make sure some of the lights stay on and the essentials stay powered.  Most clients fall somewhere in the middle.

Whatever you need, the Generac-certified experts at Hunter Service Group can help you select the generator that is right for you.  We will walk you through the entire process.


commercial generator
Full House Generator
home generator

We will cover the following to make sure we select the right generator:

  • Proper Generator Sizing
  • Site Preparation
  • Fuel Considerations
  • Back Up Options
  • Transfer Switch Connections
  • Generator Connections
  • Operational Tests & Final Steps


While you can purchase a generator from many electrical contractors, the majority are NOT Generac certified.  What does that mean for you?  You miss out on the Seven-Year extended warranty, and the peace of mind from knowing that your generator was sized properly and installed correctly.


Generac requires scheduled maintenance to protect your manufacturer warranty!* 

Generac Generator

Generator Installation FAQs

What Size Generator Is Best for My Home?

When it comes to generators, size refers to its electrical capacity, not the physical size of the equipment. At Hunter Service Group, we can help you determine the electrical capacity you’ll need and find the right machine for your needs.

How Much Will the Generator Installation Cost?

The cost varies depending on many factors, including the type, electrical capacity, and equipment features. We can offer you an accurate estimate before any work begins so you can know what to expect.

Is It Okay to Plug a Portable Generator Into an Outlet?

No. Plugging a portable generator directly into an outlet is extremely dangerous and illegal. It can cause back-feeding into the utility lines connecting to your home, causing severe injuries and even death to unsuspecting utility workers.

Can I Run My Portable Generator Inside My Home?

No. Portable generators run on gas, which emits exhaust containing poisonous carbon monoxide.

Does a Generator Need Maintenance?

Yes. Generators also need routine maintenance to prevent costly generator repair and keep your equipment in perfect working order.

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