AC Installation

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The efficiency of your air conditioner reduces over time. Don’t risk the safety and comfort of your loved ones during those summer months; trust the professionals at Hunter Service Group for your next AC installation in San Antonio, TX, and nearby areas. Through highly reliable, high-performance, and energy-efficient cooling systems installed by experts, you’ll stay cool and comfortable while saving money on energy bills.

Different Types of AC Systems

Once you get ready to explore your options, give us a call, and we’ll ensure you have the information you need to find the right unit. Our HVAC contractor in San Antonio, TX carries and installs high-quality:

  • Ductless AC systems
  • Central air conditioning systems
  • Packaged systems
  • Mini-split systems

What Should You Consider When Installing a New AC Unit?

When choosing your planned AC replacement, there are several factors to consider. The number of rooms, layout, dimensions, aesthetics, existing ductwork, and cost implications are all important. Thankfully, manufacturers have gone above and beyond to create a wide range of models that appear aesthetically pleasing in the home. Some systems can seem almost invisible inside a room.

At Hunter Service Group, we offer a free site survey and expert opinion for AC repair or replacement, irrespective of the size or scope of the project. Our experts work with you to select the right system for your budget and needs. Additionally, we perform a manual load calculation to confirm the correct size. We’ll then ensure your new unit is expertly installed to guarantee years of reliable comfort and efficiency.

Common Signs Your AC Needs Replacement

Although not every problem with your air conditioning system means you need a new one, it’s imperative to watch out for signs that it’s time to contact our AC company. Look out for:

  • Old age- 10-15 years old
  • Reduced airflow
  • Lack of cold air
  • Uneven cooling
  • Excessive humidity
  • Frequent repairs
  • Unusually high energy costs

AC Installation FAQs

How Much Does a New Air Conditioning Unit Cost?

The cost varies depending on the type of the unit and size of your home. Before we execute the installation, our team will provide you with an accurate estimate so you can prepare financially.

What's the Average Life of an AC System?

Most air conditioners can last for 15-20 years with routine AC maintenance.

Which Is the Best AC Brand?

It depends. At Hunter Service Group, we have installed and used most of the top brands in the market, so you can rely on us to offer an expert opinion on each of them and advise you on which system is best for your cooling needs.


How Regularly Should I Have My Air Conditioning Unit Serviced?

You should have your system tuned up at least once every year.

Should I Cover My Air Conditioner?

No. AC systems are designed to be sturdy and withstand all sorts of weather year after year. Covers trap moisture inside your unit, resulting in rust. Covers also provide shelter for small animals to nest during winter, which can cause damage to your system.

What Are the Signs AC Repair Is Needed?

A broken air conditioner gives off some signs to show something is wrong before it completely breaks down. These include:

  • Unusual smells and noises
  • Uneven cooling
  • System not turning on
  • Over cycling
  • Leaks around the unit
  • Blowing warm air
  • High humidity levels

For any other questions or to schedule an AC installation, Hunter Service Group is ready to help.

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Our locally owned and operated company has been providing excellent AC services since 2015 and is skilled at installing a wide range of AC units in different home models. More importantly, we treat our clients as family. Our commitment to serving our customers with honesty and integrity has made us the number HVAC company in the local area. When you call us for an air conditioning installation, you’ll get a new cooling system and hopefully a friend.

Contact Hunter Service Group today to learn how we can set you up with a new air conditioning system. Not looking for a new cooling unit? We also provide other services like repair or maintenance in San Antonio, TX, and nearby areas. Call us or fill out the form to schedule an appointment for: