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5 Reasons Why Regular AC Filter Replacement Is Important

It’s surprising, but many homeowners neglect to replace their air conditioner filters when they’re supposed to. But here are five good reasons to stay on top of AC filter replacement.

Improved Indoor Air Quality
Replacing your air conditioner filter with a clean one removes dust, pollen, pet dander, and other airborne particulates, making breathing easier and reducing allergies.

Improved Energy Efficiency
Dirty air filters make your air conditioner work harder, increasing energy bills. Keeping filters clean optimizes airflow and puts less stress on the system.

System Lifespan Extesinon
Another detriment of dirty air filters is that your system works harder to push air; it causes it to wear out more quickly. Considering the expense of an AC replacement, replacing your filters regularly is a simple, cost-effective way to help your air conditioner last longer.

Better Comfort
A clean AC or heater filter allows your system to operate at peak effectiveness, giving you the desired comfort.

Cost Savings
Failing to change your air conditioner filter makes your system work harder, which could lead to more frequent breakdowns, and in extreme cases, failure. The filter replacement cost is a drop in the bucket compared to major repairs or new system installation.

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