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Residential electrical repairs seem like something you can handle yourself. Nonetheless, any tasks involving electricity are extremely dangerous, especially when you don’t have the proper training, tools, and experience. Those DIY repairs can damage invaluable and expensive appliances, short out your equipment, and even electrocute you. For any problems you encounter with your electrical system, it’s best you hire professional electricians from Hunter Service Group. Our team offers an array of electrical services in San Antonio, TX, and the surrounding areas.

About Our Electrical Experts

We’re a locally owned, San Antonio-based electrical contractor committed to keeping you and your home safe with a fully functional electrical system. Since our inception in 2015, we have tackled hundreds of jobs in the area, so you can rely on us to complete your electrical repairs with precision and care.

Electrician Checking Electric Panel
Electrician San Antonio, TX

The Services We Provide

Some of the electrical repair services we provide are:

Electric Panel Repair San Antonio, TX

Electric Panels

If you have started experiencing trouble with your electric panel, contact us for electrical panel repair or replacement as soon as possible. Ignoring problems with your electrical panel can be dangerous and may put your family and property at risk of electrical fires.

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Lightning striking near homes

Surge Protection

Protect your electronics and appliances from damage caused by unforeseen power surges with a professional whole-house surge protection installation from Hunter Service Group.

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Car Charger

Electric Vehicle Chargers

Do you own an electric car and want to invest in an EV charging station? Do you already have an EV charger but it’s outdated or damaged? Turn to us. Our highly experienced technicians offer professional EV charging installation and repair in Alamo City and beyond.

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Recessed Lighting for kitchen upgrade

Indoor & Outdoor Lighting

Have you been searching for fast and reliable ways of upgrading the look of your home? Consider investing in new lighting fixtures. You’ll get an instant transformation without breaking the bank. At Hunter Service Group, we offer professional indoor and outdoor lighting installation services.

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Aluminum Wiring

Aluminum Wiring Remediation

If you notice or suspect problems with your aluminum wiring, contact Hunter Service Group immediately. We offer expert aluminum wiring remediation throughout these parts of Texas.

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Smart Home

Smart Home Automation

Is it time to modernize your electrical system? Then turn to us and find out how our home smart automation services can help you achieve your goals.

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Electrical Service FAQs

Can I Call a Handyman to Fix Minor Electrical Issues?

No. Handymen aren’t qualified to handle electrical repairs. An electrician must undergo years of training and certification processes to get a license. Although a license might seem like an ordinary piece of paper, it can save your life.

Why Does My Light Switch Become Hot?

When you find your light switch is hot to the touch, it shows there are serious problems behind your walls, and you need to get help right away to prevent a serious electrical fire in your home.

Is a Tripping Circuit Breaker Dangerous?

Regular breaker trips indicate that your circuit is getting overloaded. A socket, wire, or appliance could be overheating, which can ultimately start a fire.

Why Do My Light Bulbs Burn Out Faster Than Usual?

A bulb that unexpectedly burns out in a specific socket or lamp indicates a poor electrical connection causing heat accumulation in the lamp, so contact us for prompt repairs.

When a Plug Loosens, Do I Need to Replace the Outlet?

Yes. A loose plug in an outlet causes electrical resistance, leading to overheating. An overheating outlet can cause a fire or damage the connected appliance or device. Electrical outlet replacement is a relatively simple and affordable task.

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