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4 Most Common Emergency Electrical Repairs

Electrical emergencies are, thankfully, rare. However, when they happen, it’s good to know you have a trusted 24 hour electrician you can call, like Hunter Service Group. Here are the five most common household electrical emergencies.

Power Outage
A power outage is the most common electrical emergency. Sometimes, it’s an issue with the grid, but it could be a failed electrical panel or a short somewhere in your home’s electrical system.

Electric Shock
Getting an electric shock when you touch an appliance, light switch, or plug is dangerous and requires emergency electrical repairs.

Circuit Overload
Does your circuit breaker trip every time you use a particular appliance? If you have too many devices on the same circuit or an appliance that needs more power than the system can provide, it could lead to a power outage or a fire.

Hot Outlets
Do you have outlets or light switches that are hot to the touch? Hot outlets are typically caused by faulty wiring and can cause a fire, shock, or electrocution.

Noisy Breaker Boxes
It’s not normal for your breaker box to buzz or makes other noises other than a low hum. If you hear crackling or sizzling, or loud buzzing, it could mean your electrical system is overloaded, and you’re at risk of a fire.

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