Best Boerne & San Antonio, TX, Air Conditioner Repair Service

When Mother Nature turns up the heat, call the Hunter Service Group for a fast AC tune-up or repair. Book your appointment now at 210-701-0192.

The last thing Boerne & San Antonio, TX residents want is for their air conditioners to fail in the middle of summer. But when it happens, they need an air conditioner repair company like Hunter Service Group that can fix it quickly and at a fair price.

Hunter Service Group has nearly a decade of experience serving homeowners throughout Kendall and Bexar Counties. Our technicians are factory-trained and have the expertise to service most major brands.

Does your AC fail to keep you cool? Call us and ask about our AC refrigerant leak repair service.

We’re The Most Trusted Central AC Repair Company in Boerne & San Antonio, TX

When residents in Boerne & San Antonio, TX, need an air conditioner repair service they can count on, they call Hunter Service Group. Our personnel has the education and experience to fix any AC problem, regardless of complexity.

Call us if your air conditioner does any of these things.

  • Leaks refrigerant
  • Blows fuses or circuit breakers when starting
  • Doesn’t blow cold air
  • Produces weak airflow from vents
  • Make strange sounds like thumping, grinding, or squealing
  • Emits burning odors
  • Continuously runs or cycles on and off rapidly

Our pros will diagnose the problem and fix it quickly to restore comfort. Contact us today.

If you have hot air coming from your vents, call us and see if you need an evaporator coil replacement.