Boerne & San Antonio, TX, Aluminum Wiring Remediation

Aluminum wires are a safety risk. Call the electrical pros at Hunter Service Group in Kendall and Bexar Counties today for expert aluminum wiring remediation.

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Why You Might Need To Replace Your Aluminum Wires

If your house was built between 1969 and 1976, there’s a good chance it has aluminum wires because, back then, copper was expensive. However, those wires should be replaced, and here’s why.

Safety Concerns
One of the primary reasons to consider aluminum wiring remediation is the safety risks associated with it. Aluminum wiring is more prone to fire hazards than copper, and remediation reduces the fire risk caused by overheating and arcing.

Compatibility Issues
Aluminum wiring is incompatible with many modern electrical devices and fixtures that work with copper wiring. This can lead to loose connections and increased resistance, which could lead to a fire.

Insurance Requirements
Some insurance companies may refuse coverage or charge higher premiums for properties with aluminum wiring due to the increased fire risk. Remediation can help meet insurance requirements and lower insurance costs.

Improved Performance
Aluminum wiring has higher electrical resistance than copper wiring, which can lead to voltage drop and inadequate power supply to electrical devices.

By replacing aluminum wiring, you can improve the electrical performance in your home, ensuring consistent power delivery and reducing issues like flickering lights or underpowered appliances.

Resale value
If your home has aluminum wires, selling it to a prospective buyer might be difficult. They may want you to lower the price because of the inherent risks or to cover the replacement costs they’ll incur.

If you think your home has aluminum wires, call Hunter Service Group to get your home inspected by our expert electricians.

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