Boerne & San Antonio, TX, EV Charging Station Installation

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Since Tesla released their electric vehicles, they have steadily grown in popularity, thanks to affordable options offered by Chevy and Nissan. Suppose you’re considering joining the EV bandwagon in Boerne & San Antonio, TX. In that case, you’ll need your home’s electric vehicle charging station; Hunter Service Group can help!

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4 Things To Consider When Getting an Electric Car Charging Station Installation

More people are buying electric vehicles than ever and need charging stations at home. However, before investing in one, here are a few things to consider.

Charging Speed & Compatibility
Consider the charging speed and compatibility of the EV charging station with your electric vehicle. To minimize charging time, look for stations supporting high charging speeds, such as Level 2 or 3. Additionally, ensure the charging station is compatible with your specific EV model and its charging standards.

Power Supply & Electrical Capacity
Evaluate your home’s electrical capacity and power supply to determine if it can handle the additional load of an EV charging station. A professional electrician can help assess your electrical panel and recommend any necessary upgrades or modifications needed.

Installation Requirements & Cost
Charging stations are different, so you must understand what’s required to install the model you want and how much it will cost. Most stations require professional installation, which is typically an additional expense.

Smart Features
Lastly, you’ll want a charging station with smart features and options to control it from your phone or tablet. These features offer benefits like scheduled charging and remote monitoring.

Consult a professional electrician to discuss your options and ensure you get the right system for your home.

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