Boerne & San Antonio, TX, Smoke Detector Installation

A smoke detector installation from Hunter Service Group can save your family’s lives in case of a fire. Get in touch with us today at 210-701-0192.

One of Boerne & San Antonio, TX, homeowners’ biggest fears is fire. A home fire can not only destroy your home but also take lives. A high-quality smoke detector ensures you’re alerted quickly if a fire occurs so everyone can get to safety. At Hunter Service Group, we offer expert smoke detection installation and smoke detector replacement to keep your home and family safe.

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How To Know You Need Smoke Detector Replacement

Sadly, most homeowners don’t check their smoke detectors regularly. The average lifespan of a smoke detector is about ten years, but experts say if it has a built-in CO detector, you should replace it sooner.

If you have smoke detectors, here are a few signs now is the time to replace them.

Expiration Date
Most smoke detectors have an expiration date printed on them. If your sensor is past its prime, it’s time to replace it.

Warning Sounds
Another way to know your smoke detector needs replacing is if it makes chirping or buzzing noises even after replacing the batteries. Moreover, if your smoke detector is hardwired and doesn’t respond after checking the power source, it may need to be replaced.

As mentioned, the average lifespan of a smoke detector is ten years. If your unit doesn’t have an expiration date printed on it, consider replacing it if it’s over ten years old.

Physical Damage
Regularly checking your smoke detectors for damage, like cracks or discoloration, is a good habit. Physical damage can affect the detector’s functionality, and you should immediately replace it if you notice anything wrong.

Newer Technology
If your smoke detector uses older photoelectric technology, upgrading to a new, more accurate system can quickly alert you of a fire or other issues like carbon monoxide.

If you’re unsure whether your smoke detectors need replacing, call us for an inspection.

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