Best Whole Home Surge Protection Installation in Boerne & San Antonio, TX

Don’t let a power surge ruin your valuable devices and appliances. Call Hunter Service group and ask about a whole home surge protection installation.

Power surges will reduce your appliance’s lifespan and, in the worst cases, can cause electrical fires. Hunter Service Group offers state-of-the-art surge protection for Boerne & San Antonio, TX, homeowners.

Our surge protectors are the first line of defense against high-voltage electrical surges for Kendall and Bexar Counties residents and the surrounding areas. Contact us for more information.

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5 Benefits of a Whole Home Surge Protector Installation

If you own expensive electronics and appliances, consider investing in a whole home surge protector, and here are five reasons why.

Damage Prevention
A whole home surge protector prevents damage to your electronics from power surges, which could be caused by lightning, power grid issues, and other home appliances.

It’s Cost-Effective
Like most homeowners, you’ve probably invested so much in your gadgets and appliances. If a power surge hits, it could destroy those things. Installing a surge protector prevents the damage caused by power surges and eliminates the cost of replacing these devices.

Enhanced Device Lifespan
You may not realize it, but power surges and spikes happen constantly. While they don’t completely destroy your device in most cases, they can cause them to wear out more quickly, which a home surge protector prevents.

Power surges could cause an electrical fire. Installing a whole home surge protector prevents dangerous situations that could put your family and home at risk.

Comprehensive Coverage
Unlike individual surge protectors that only protect the device they’re connected to, a whole home system safeguards everything simultaneously.

Call the pros at Hunter Service Group to see how a whole home surge protector can benefit you. Our team is extremely responsive and knowledgeable, so rest assured that you’ll get expert assistance and lasting solutions.

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